Old Growth Woods

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Old Growth Wood Mantels 1242

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Large Authentic Timber.  Stained brown.

This authentic timber has a very deep shelf for placing your art, photos, etc on top in every season.  If you decided to inlay it into stone, you’d still have a nice deep top. It’s an honest basic fairly clean old timber that’s been finished with five coats of finish to protect it for another 100 years or so?!  It’s big.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1243

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Basic Beam Timber with Mortise and Pegs.  Stained medium brown.

Here’s a nice basic honest timber mantel that’s been reborn from the reclaimed wood waste land. Original mortise and pegs.  Nice color. Lots of visual history in this piece.  Makes great conversation imaging where it came from and how it’s been used over the past 100+ years.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1244

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Rustic Live Edge with Bark Front. Natural finish.

Looking for a very rustic shorter mantel with lots of character? This is it.  It’s rare we can keep the bark on a piece, but this one insisted on keeping all of it. It has the original hand hewn bottom and top, which we sanded and filled to make it nice and smooth.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1245

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Rustic Hand Hewn Shelf with Corbels. Stained brown.

This is a funky rustic shelf mantel with corbels. Just a bit under five feet long.  Nothing fancy, but if you’re looking for a shorter piece that’s rustic, it’ll look great. Priced right.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1246

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“River Sculpted” with Contours.  Blue / Green Stain.

Softly sculpted to suggest water flowing.  Nice lines – especially when the light hits it just right. It’s stained a light bluish green also to suggest water.  Very pretty grain shows through the stain quite nicely.  Unusual piece.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1247

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Burned Black Douglas Fir with Reclaimed Ball Corbels.

Looking to make a creative statement? This piece is that – very rare/ unique design. Three or four stages of burning, then brushing created the cool grain  texture. Reclaimed bowling balls were cut to create the corbels.  It’s one of our favorite pieces.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1248

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Basic Beam with Character. Stained medium/dark brown.

Authentic look from this reclaimed fairly large timber. Nice smooth top for functionality. Lots of aged character helps it really show it’s history.  Deep shelf of 10″.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1249

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Large Timber with Original Mortise, & Pegs.  Stained Brown w Blue Tenon.

Need a massive shelf mantel that says “I’m the real thing”?  This will work.  Rare large dimension will make quite a statement and conversation piece. Nice color with stained blue tenon for something different. 


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1251

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Weathered Grey Hand Hewn with Smooth Top.  Weathered grey stain.

This natural “weathered grey” colored old hand hewn timber was milled to make for a practical smooth top. It’s functional yet still shows it’s old age.  Authentic timber hand hewn by a Wausau farmer in the late 1800’s.  Great conversation piece.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1252

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“River Sculpted” Pine.  Natural finish.

Nicely sculpted front and bottom on this moderately rustic piece.  It still shows some of it’s aged character yet is smooth and pleasant to touch.  Milled from antique historic reclaimed timbers.