Old Growth Woods

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Old Growth Wood Mantel 1240

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White Pine Beam with Curved Ends. Natural finish.

Beautiful white pine timber with lovely pronounced knots.  Smoothly finished.  Would work in traditional, log, or even contemporary setting. 


Old Growth Wood Mantel 1269

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Hand Hewn Live Edge Front.  Stained lighter brown.

Lots of character in this piece. Hand hewing markings, cracks, checks. It’s got it all.  Live edge naturally contoured front and original old hand hewn top and bottom.  We sanded it lots though so it’s nice to touch. This old timber definitely shows it’s antique history.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1231

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Hand Hewn Front and Bottom with Smooth Milled Top. Natural finish.

Nice example of one of Olde Growth Wood’s signature pieces.  It shows it’s antique rustic history while being practical with it’s smooth clean top and modern finish.  Fascinating to imagine the 1890’s farmer hewing this timber and dozens more by hand with his adz tool. 


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1232

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Basic Beam Style. Stained hickory color.

Straight forward beam with beautiful knots.  Lovely finished very smooth with five coats acrylic poly.  Unique color. 


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1233

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Circular Sawn Hardwood Beam with Star Hardware. Medium brown stain.

Nice thick timber that shows it’s age by it’s circular sawn markings.  Some character.  Original star hardware from the Big Jo Flour Mill, Wabasha, MN., 1874.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1234

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Old Growth Wood Mantels 1235

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Hand Hewn Timber with Open Top Mortise.  Natural finish.

Good example again of one of OGW’s signature pieces.  Note the original hand hewn mortise and peg.  Smoothly milled top makes for a shelf that’s easy to clean and maintain, yet it still shows it’s true rustic history.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1236

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Large Rustic Timber with Original Pegs and Mortises. Stained golden color.

Huge sturdy authentic piece that really shows off it’s strength. Original pegs and mortises. Lots of rustic hardy character. Beautiful color.  Very deep shelf area to put lots of “stuff” on throughout the seasons.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1237

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Early American Style Mantel with Corbels.  Stained Black.

Good authentic example of an early American mantel shelf.  Milled from old growth pine reclaimed timbers.  Modest character.  Aged black color with wear markings. 


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1241

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Authentic Hardwood Beam with End Tenons and Antique Hardware.   No finish.

This is pretty much “AS-IS” timber.  We cleaned it up lots, sanded a bit, but kept it authentic because it didn’t want any more attention then that.  The hardware was added and was reclaimed from the Big Jo Flour Mill of Wabasha, MN. 1874.  This timber was circular sawn back in the day.  It has very cool worm holes and some nice character.