Sculpted Timber Mantel

‘Float-Mounting’ is an installation method that allows for beautiful back lighting options.

‘River-Sculpted’ Reclaimed Timber in Pine.
Natural Finish. ‘Float-Mounted’. Back-Lit.

Timber Source: Big Jo Flour Mill, Wabasha, MN. Circa 1874
Approximate Age of Timber: 300 to 600 years
Size: 6” thick x 10” deep x 8’ long

“Our mantel is installed the way you suggested.
Now we can take it with us when we move. We also took your advice and added the back- lighting while we were at it. We’re wild about it!”
– Kevin S. and Mary Kay F.
  Shoreview, Minnesota
 Yellow Southern Pine. Natural Finish. Back lit. Float Mounted. Timber c 1874