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Figured maple wood fireplace mantel

Mendota Mantels 1300

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Natural Finished Craftsmen with stepped corbels

My 1300th mantel! A mile stone.

I’m fortunate to live in a northern hardwood forest where I have access to extraordinary timber. A local logger/ miller friend of mine puts aside special unique logs that show the most beautiful unique figured character. Then he ages them for a year, mills them into mantel slabs instead of his usual boards, and passes them on – only to Mendota Mantels! I’m very lucky to know him! (Thank You John!)

This classic craftsmen design is made from maple that has been milled to maintain some of it’s original character. I tried to authentically honor the great furniture American designers of the early 1900’s. Still and forever a classic look in any setting.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1231

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Hand Hewn Front and Bottom with Smooth Milled Top. Natural finish.

Nice example of one of Olde Growth Wood’s signature pieces.  It shows it’s antique rustic history while being practical with it’s smooth clean top and modern finish.  Fascinating to imagine the 1890’s farmer hewing this timber and dozens more by hand with his adz tool. 


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1233

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Circular Sawn Hardwood Beam with Star Hardware. Medium brown stain.

Nice thick timber that shows it’s age by it’s circular sawn markings.  Some character.  Original star hardware from the Big Jo Flour Mill, Wabasha, MN., 1874.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1247

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Burned Black Douglas Fir with Reclaimed Ball Corbels.

Looking to make a creative statement? This piece is that – very rare/ unique design. Three or four stages of burning, then brushing created the cool grain  texture. Reclaimed bowling balls were cut to create the corbels.  It’s one of our favorite pieces.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1248

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Basic Beam with Character. Stained medium/dark brown.

Authentic look from this reclaimed fairly large timber. Nice smooth top for functionality. Lots of aged character helps it really show it’s history.  Deep shelf of 10″.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1251

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Weathered Grey Hand Hewn with Smooth Top.  Weathered grey stain.

This natural “weathered grey” colored old hand hewn timber was milled to make for a practical smooth top. It’s functional yet still shows it’s old age.  Authentic timber hand hewn by a Wausau farmer in the late 1800’s.  Great conversation piece.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1252

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“River Sculpted” Pine.  Natural finish.

Nicely sculpted front and bottom on this moderately rustic piece.  It still shows some of it’s aged character yet is smooth and pleasant to touch.  Milled from antique historic reclaimed timbers.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1255

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Rustic Basic Beam with Character.  Natural finish.

Lots of old character in this basic timber mantel. Fairly rustic in appearance yet finely finished for functionality. Authentic look. Nice dimensions and composition. Modest price.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1260

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“Lattice” Carved Front. “Parrisch Blue” stain.

This lovely blue mantel was carved on a CNC machine at the Hurley High School’s Northwoods Manufacturing Program by students.  It wanted to be stained blue, so that’s what we did.  Unique carving, unique color, for a unique setting.


Old Growth Wood Mantels 1263

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“Ellis Inspired” Craftsmen. Natural finish.

Another of our “Signature” designs inspired by the Craftsmen designer Harvey Ellis of the Stickley Company, circa 1910.  This one is made from a reclaimed timber we milled up.  Looks like pine, but also looks like spruce. Hard to tell. Either way, it has nice dimension and style.